H4Fitness provides coaching to individuals, groups and families to help motivate and inspire them to live a healthy and prosperous life.  Take the first step by receiving our free, no obligation monthly fitness newsletter.

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Personal Coaching

Group Coaching

If you’re looking to get fit in a social environment, then our group coaching sessions are perfect for you.  Conducted in small groups of 5-8 individuals, group sessions are formulated to provide cardio and strength training.

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Family Coaching


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FREE monthly fitness newsletter!

Your personal H4Fitness coach will provide you with a strategy to exceed your fitness goals.  Each of your one-on-one coaching sessions will inspire and motivate you to take charge and live a healthier life. 

Let us help your family live a healthy lifestyle.  We will get your family to put down the electronic gadgets and reconnect with each other. We have designed  fun and encouraging activities for all age groups. Family time is healthy time. 

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